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Agriculture Strategy Paper


Montana Ag is the backbone of our economic well-being

As Montana’s next Governor, Tim Fox commits to empowering the state’s number one industry, Agriculture. Montana ag is the backbone of our economic well-being, and those linked to the land are our best stewards of watersheds, clean air, wildlife habitat, and sustainable land practices. Farm and ranch communities maintain and enhance our rural way of life.

Today, Montana has over 27,100 farms and ranches, with nearly 60 million acres in use for production. The state grows a wide range of commodities, with beef, barley, wheat, wool, pulse crops, and sugar beets arguably regarded as the best in the world. But recent ag production has slowed. In 2014, the Value of Ag Sector Production was $5.1 billion from the sale of crops, livestock, and other farm-related income, but that had dropped by almost 14% to $4.4 billion by 2018. A drop of that magnitude affects the entire state.

Born and raised in the rural community of Hardin, Montana, Tim Fox knows, intimately, the value of agriculture production, both on the economy and the family. As Montana’s next governor, Tim proposes short and long-term ag policies and solutions that will strengthen this vital economic sector, enhance stewardship of our natural resources, and foster economic prosperity for the state of Montana.


“If we want to keep these ranches and farms generational, we are going to need people like these people (Tim Fox and Jon Knokey) that ask questions and make some tough decisions.” – Joe Goggins, V.P. of Vermilion Ranch Company. Watch Joe Goggins interview HERE

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