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Conservation & Outdoor Industry Strategy Paper


so is our Conservation and Outdoor Heritage

As Montanans, we cherish our outdoor opportunities. Whether we are working our farms and ranches, hiking the backcountry, or stalking an elk in the wallow, an antelope on the prairie or a cutthroat in the back eddy, Montanans from all walks of life simply want to be good stewards of the land – a land we all treasure.

We Montanans are united in our love for the wild, but too often, there is a wedge between private landowners and hunters, anglers, trappers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Real Montanans know these interests are not mutually exclusive and that we must work together to find common ground. Most sportswomen and men know and appreciate the opportunity that farmers and ranchers afford when they allow access to their land, along with the habitat they provide for wildlife. The overwhelming majority of ranchers and farmers appreciate hunters, anglers and trappers as the most viable tools for managing wildlife in a responsible and sustainable manner. When it comes to our outdoor heritage, we are better together.

Tim Fox grew up in Hardin, Montana, where he learned how to hunt and fish with his dad and uncle. Tim is committed to rekindling the rich tradition that Montanans have of being good neighbors and resource stewards and the strong relationships sportsmen had with landowners when he was a boy. He has consistently led the charge to appropriately conserve our natural resources and preserve our 2nd Amendment rights while promoting fiscally conservative budget decisions. Tim knows to his core that as Montanans, we can sit down, have a discussion, and in the end, work together for the benefit of our outdoor heritage.


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