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Healthcare Strategy Paper


so is the delivery of effective and affordable healthcare

Tim Fox is a native Montanan. He was born in a Billings hospital and was raised in the small farm and ranch town of Hardin. Tim recalls his visits to the local Hardin health clinic, and his overnight stay as a young boy with appendicitis in Hardin’s critical access hospital. That critical access hospital would several years later save the life of Tim’s father when he suffered a heart attack. As a cancer survivor himself, Tim appreciates the importance of affordable access to healthcare, and he refuses to play politics with the lives and health of Montanans when it comes to developing cost-effective healthcare strategies.

Over the past year, Tim has visited over thirty large urban hospitals, rural critical access hospitals, community health clinics, mental health clinics, children’s hospitals, substance abuse treatment facilities, retirement homes, veteran hospitals, and other healthcare providers and facilities. In each of those visits, Tim took the time to listen to the managers, leaders, and providers who work there. Tim regularly engages with the major healthcare associations and their membership, and with everyday Montanans interested in healthcare policy, and he knows their challenges, issues, and concerns.

Healthcare is a complex issue anywhere, but especially in a large, diverse, and rural state like Montana. As Montanans, we demand access to affordable healthcare when and where we need it, whether we live in Sidney, Billings, Missoula, Eureka, or anywhere in-between. One-size-fits-all policies simply do not work, we have seen proof of that with the unsustainable policies in healthcare imposed on Montana by the federal government. Tim Fox has surrounded himself with advisors, policy experts, and supporters who utilize bold, and innovative ideas to change how Montana delivers healthcare with a focus on providing care in a way that is affordable, effective, and sustainable.


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