On the Issues

Securing our Borders Blue Issue Icon

Securing our Borders

As Attorney General, I have seen firsthand the negative effects of illegal immigration, the increase in drug related crime in our state, and human trafficking organizations that have made their mark on Montana.

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Protecting the Unborn Blue Issue Icon

Protecting the Unborn

Fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves is not only what we should expect from our elected leaders, it’s something we should demand from them. The health and safety of all Montanans must be a top priority, and that can’t simply stop with those who have a voice to speak up. I will always fight for the lives of our most vulnerable, and the unborn are no exception.

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Defending the Second Amendment Blue Issue Icon

Defending the Second Amendment

I take pride in being a national leader in defending our Second Amendment rights. As Governor, I’ll do the same. You can count on it. Preventing government intrusion from spreading to Montana will always be a top priority for my administration—and that starts with defending our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

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Growing our Economy Blue Issue Icon

Growing our Economy

Through collaborative, market-oriented policies, we can promote high-wage jobs that put food on the table for Montana families, all while protecting our state’s natural beauty for generations to come. I’m excited to begin working with all Montanans to make it easier for the next generation to stay and make a living in our great state.

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