Montana AG Fox will make first stop on “Golden Triangle” Campaign Tour in Fairfield on Friday


Montana’s Attorney General Tim Fox will make a visit to Fairfield tomorrow morning as he campaigns for governor.

Fox will be at the Cozy Corner cafe on Fairfield’s Central Avenue at 10:00 a.m.

Interviewed via phone Thursday morning, Attorney General Fox told the Sun Times that his campaign for governor is “going great.” He went on to say that, even though we are a year out from the primary election, Montanan’s are “excited about a Republican governor in office.”

The attorney general, who is term limited from running for Montana’s Attorney General again, spoke to the issue of GOP officeholders who are campaigning for other office, saying, “It’s unfair that so many GOP incumbents have abandoned their incumbency to pursue other personal goals.”

The Montana native will be stopping in Fairfield as he launches his Golden Triangle Tour that lasts through Saturday. On the tour Fox will be meeting meet with voters and community leaders to discuss the future of Montana’s agriculture economy.

The meet and greet is hosted by state Representative Ross Fitzgerald (R-Fairfield) and Teton County Republican Central Committee Chairman, Chris Hindoien.

“Montana’s economy has enormous potential for future growth, particularly in our agriculture sector. Perhaps no place in the state is that more clear than in the Golden Triangle region,” Fox said in a release provided to the Sun Times. “Unfortunately, 14 years of Democrat control of the governor’s office has handicapped our state’s ability to reach our full potential. I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet with voters and community leaders in north-central Montana to discuss how we can get our economy on the right track by reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens on the ag sector, as well as address the increasing threat to livestock posed by grizzly bear predation—a problem our current governor and his liberal allies appear to have no appetite to resolve.”

The visit to Fairfield comes just as the community’s annual “SWIM DAY” gets underway. Asked if he had a message for the community as the annual event, which raises funds to support the local swimming pool begins, Fox said to enjoy the weekend events “responsibly, and take stock of the blessings we have as Americans and Montanans.”

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