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Public Safety Strategy Paper


Safer Communities in Montana

As your attorney general, Tim Fox has proven time and again that he is tough on crime and will always advocate for providing resources to victims of crime. A proven leader in community safety and security, Tim’s gubernatorial candidacy has been endorsed by the Great Falls Police Protective Association, the Bozeman Police Protective Association, the Montana Police Protective Association and the National Association of Police Organizations.

“The law enforcement community has Tim’s back because we know he has our back,” said Dan Smith of the Montana Police Protective Association. “Tim Fox is a leader in public safety and the leader we need to keep our Montana communities safe.” This was the first time ever that the Montana Police Protective Association endorsed a candidate in any election.

Born in Hardin, Montana, Tim knows the value of community. He knows that the effects of drugs and crime don’t discriminate and that anyone could fall into the throws of substance abuse or be a victim of violent crime. As Montana’s attorney general, Tim brought leaders together from across the state to make safety a top priority. Recently Tim was elected by the nation’s attorneys general to serve as the President of the National Association of Attorneys General, the top position in the nation-wide organization. Tim’s leadership in Montana and around the country demonstrates a record of results that the people of Montana deserve.


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